Stuff in my Office

bob.jpgThis is Bob.  Alyssa in my office named him, I guess because everything needs a name.  So the fish became Bob because the frog that was living somewhere near the station was Fred.  Fred Frog alliterates better than Bob Fish, but what are you going to do.

Bob is what’s known as a Bala shark, and more information about Bala sharks can be found on The Internet

I inherited Bob from my former boss.  There were two in the tank, but one has since swum off to that big aquarium in the sky.  There’s a Placo in there, too, but he hides and was camera shy today.

carl.jpgThis is Carl.  He’s a newscaster for NPR, and also the official scorekeeper for a very funny show called “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”.  This is one of a very limited edition Carl Kassel bobbleheads that rumor has the grossenkase at NPR were not particularly happy about.  That may be why Carl OKed it. 

Carl is an ameture magician, very nice guy, and a babe magnet.  Every time I saw him at a Public Radio Conference, he was surrounded by young, attractive women.  And yes, there are young, attracive women who work in Public Radio.  If Carl ever decides to retire, Morning Edition from NPR News will just not be the same.

Speaking of Morning Edition, this is a mug shot.  A gift from someone who was a very close friend at NPR.  I have my Morning Edition mug on the Week in Review set with me every Friday morning … because we don’t have any Week in Review mugs.  But I like the Morning Edition Mug, and might use it anyway.

elvis.jpgThis is Elvis.  Elvis has absolutely nothing to do with Public Radio, but I do love this patch.  My ex-wife got it for me when she worked for the Coast Guardat headquarters in Washington, DC.  Almost makes you want to go enlist for SAR duty, until you realize what kind of crappy weather those folks have to endure to find idiots like me who get in trouble out on the ocean.  Not that I ever have been, but it’s nice to know they’re there should it ever happen.

Just a few things from my office.  It’s not a bad place to go spend the daylight hours here during the Florida winter.  Now, my stomach clock is going off, so I need to go forage for food.  After dinner, I’ll post the full size picture of these and a couple of other things on Flickr.



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