Back to the Future

I want my flying car.  And my jet pack.  All the things that were promised to me as a kid that “by the 21st century” we’d have.  Well, here it is 2007, and I’m pretty sure there’s no flying car or jet pack in my future.

We do, however, have e-mail, and online shopping, and online banking and bill-paying.  All of which were foretold, if somewhat crudely, in this 1967 short film produced by the Philco-Ford company called “1999 AD”. 

 It’s pretty accurate, but it does extend the existing 1960’s technology to the future.  Still, pretty insightful.

I remember having a Philco TV when I was as kid.  A big, boxy, wood cabinet console that was the centerpiece of the family room.  The guy from Bridwells Music and Appliance used to come up to the house when the TV went out and replace the vacuum tubes in the back.  Chet was his name.  He’d come with a box emblazoned with “RCA” on the side that folded out like a fishing tackle box just crammed full of various sizes of diodes and triodes … rows and rows of vacuum tubes.  He’d kneel behind the TV and pull them out one by one, testing them and replacing the ones that needed it.  Now, you get 5 years out of a $350 TV and put it out by the curb when it starts to look funny.  Or, you get a couple of years our of the $5,000 big screen LCD or Plasma HDTV, and hope it doesn’t cost that much again to repair because you didn’t buy the extended service plan.

Anyway,  enjoy the video.  Tomorrow’s another work day, so I’d better call it a night.



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