I think I’ve learned to relax.  Probably long ago.  I was going through some old photos tonight, and found some of me engaged in some of my favorite things.


Just give me a tall ship, and a rum punch to steer her by.  On a dive trip to Abaco in 2006, the winds were up 20-25 knots offshore pushing up 6-10 foot seas.  Brendal was not about to take the dive boat out to the reef in those conditions, so we loaded up his 28′ Hunter sailboat for a day trip to the local version of Stingray City.  On the trip back to Green Turtle Cay, he let me sail his boat.  Brendal trimmed and I sailed.  After years sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and then not having a sailboat in Florida, which is another post, I was finally sailing in The Bahamas.  The sails were out wing-and-wing running downwind … it was truly fair winds and following seas on the Sea of Abaco on this afternoon, and it pretty much made up for not being able to dive all weekend. 


On that same trip, the first afternoon, we found ourselves at Pineapples, which is a little open-air tiki bar on Green Turtle Cay.  Yes, that’s me enjoying a Cubano Cohiba, and a Kalik, which you can’t see in the picture.  Green Turtle is wonderful.  At Bluff House, there’s no TV in the room, no daily paper, the radio mostly plays music in Spanish, and I don’t want to contemplate the roaming charges from Batelco.  So you’re forced to relax.  I look forced, don’t I?


When we are able to get in the water, it’s an amazing place.  I’ve been breathing compressed air off and on since I was 16 years old, from KenRay Lake to The Great Barrier Reef.  I’m not really sure where that picture was taken, but it’s my 3-mil suit, so I know it wasn’t in a spring.  Probably Abaco or Lauderdale. 

Old pictures are fun.  You take them to remember things.  Good times, mostly.  These were all good times.  I’m anxious to go back with the good camera and see what I can get, but I’ll guarantee the D40 isn’t going in the ocean.  I’ll have to find something else for my underwater efforts.  I do know I’m ready to move on from the fixed-focus point-and-shoot that I’ve been using. 

So, if you don’t know how already, learn to relax.  It’s worth it, and you’ll be glad you did.


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