Eye Update

Apparently, this is serious.  There’s an inflammation under flap they made when I had Lasik surgery, and the optometrist said I was at risk of losing my vision in that eye.  But apparently I went soon enough that it can be dealt with.  So now, I have topical steroids to put in my eye, and a follow-up appointment on Monday, and hopefully I’ll be able to have my bionic eye back.  The doctor seemed to be pretty confident that my vision would return.

The docs, who shall remain nameless, were a little, well, it was almost funny.  The one was very serious, very stuccato, very “I want you to do this EXACTLY as I tell you to”.  Which is fine.  I’m sure he was trying to impress on me the seriousness with which he was taking my condition, and I appreciate that.  The other doc I was was very congenial.  Very “hey, how ya doin'” easy going but professional.  It was just a little … well call it “Good Doc, Bad Doc”.  I think I’m going to like their practice.

Meanwhile, since I can’t focus a camera right now, I’m going to go get a CD ROM of pictures I’ve taken before and see if there’s anything worth blogging or posting to Flickr.  Maybe more later.



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