I’ve Been Lazy

And not blogging.  It’s been a holiday weekend, and we’ve had company for a few days, so I’ve kinda let this go.  It’s Sunday now, the house is ours again, and so I can get back to this journal.

We got our Christmas tree yesterday.  It’ll be up in the screen room again, so that we don’t have to worry about all that tree mess in the house.  Just another thing I love about living at the beach.  The weather is moderate enough that you can be outdoors 95% of the time.  It just makes it easier.  Sometimes, at the height of summer, you don’t WANT to be outside, but you can be.

Thanksgiving was a rousing success.  I don’t know why I was so concerned about cooking the dinner.  The gravy was a little grey, but I’m sure that’s because of the wine I used.  It tasted great.  Everything else turned out really well. turkey.jpg

Not bad for my first turkey-roasting effort.  I’ve smoked turkeys before.  I know, I know, it takes an entire case of EZ-Widers.  And I’ve cooked a lot of turkey thighs, breasts, and cutlets.  But I’ve not managed to roast an entire bird before this year.  That being said, I’m pretty proud of my efforts on that score.  It looks darn tasty, and it was.  The entire holiday table, while not elegant, was very nice.


Mike and I got the boat off the rack Friday.  It was chilly, windy, but sunny.  Nothing was biting and we only managed about an hour on the water.  Still, an hour on the water is better than an hour spent just about anyplace else. 

 As we were cleaning up the boat, we noticed a spectacular full moon already pretty high above the horizon.  Hanna’s big into underwater photography, and had his Cannon with him.  I was shooting the D40 with dad’s monster lens.  The results?


Pretty impressive.  The clouds started moving in shortly after we got these shots, and it’s cloudy and gray and cool now, but nowhere close to cold. 

With 4 days of “use or lose” vacation I have to burn off by the end of the year, I’ll be taking tomorrow off as well.  In fact, I’ll have Monday’s off through the end of the year.  I’m looking forward to a month of three day weekends, then about 8 days around Christmas.  Jenni will be here for most of that, which is really cool.

So, that’s the holiday update.  Hope you had a good one as well.



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