Holiday Rant #1

Advertising.  It’s the night before Thanksgiving, but the Christmas commercials have been running for weeks.  The season doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different from the past.

Here’s my beef.  If I were to believe the commercials, I’m only a good husband if I spend thousands on diamonds, gold, or a Lexus.  Buying more pedestrian gifts, which a person of normal means might actually be able to afford, makes me a schmuck.  Women, on the other hand, can get away with buying the man in their lives a shaver … or a toolbox … or a drill, … or a tie.  Good God, spare me from the tie.  I’ve told everyone that might buy me a gift that they shouldn’t waste any legitimate gift giving occasion on a tie.  That’s as bad as underwear.

It’s the same for Mothers Day vs. Fathers Day.  Mothers Day ads are all about diamonds and flowers and gold and expensive baubles.  Fathers day in June gets lumped in with “Dads and Grads”.  It’s just somehow not right.

All I ask for is a little gender equity in the guilt department.  If you’re going to try to guilt me into buying a $5000 diamond or a $50,000 car for a gift, how about that $2000 GPS/Fishfinder combo, or the $50,000 boat.  I’d even enjoy jewelry, or the car.  But that’s not going to happen, I know it, and I’ll just have to deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like the holidays.  I like spending time with people and having time off from work and the whole holiday thing.  I’m not much for yard decorations, but that’s Rant #2.  I think I’d rather just have the food and the fellowship without all the trappings and advertising. 

Speaking of food, I have the brine ready for the turkey tomorrow, and the stuff that needs to be chopped for the dressing is all chopped and in the fridge.  It’ll be a marathon day in the kitchen tomorrow.

And, I got my bike back this afternoon, and did just under 16 miles.  The new tire Bubba put on my bike seems to have increased my speed by a mile per hour or so.  I’ll see if that holds up in subsequent rides.  I just don’t know if I’ll have time to ride tomorrow, or if the weather will cooperate.  We’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.



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