I Must Watch Too Much TV

And it’s getting too close to Christmas.  There are a bunch of commercials that I know are already annoying me, and there are at least 6 weeks to go.

I’ll start with the Hyundai “Duh” commercials.  Currently “The Carol of the Bells” is being subjected to the “Duh” treatment.  Those commercials have been annoying since the “Beethoven’s 5th” spot that I think was the first in the series. 

The “you’re my #1” Sprint spot is just awful. 

Any spot for any erectile dysfunction medicine.

Any spot featuring Peyton Manning.  They started out OK, but Peyton, play football.  You’re good at it.  You’re getting way overexposed in all the commercials you’re doing, and you’re starting to wear a little thin.

But the most annoying of all are the goofy guys in the coaches news conferences for Coors beer.  Nothing makes be go more quickly for the mute button than the Coors spots.  And unfortunately for any sponsor that follows them, I don’t turn the volume back on until the show (game) is back. 

This is why we record almost everything we can and skip through the commercials.  The reality shows on Food Network and Bravo are the absolute worst.  They’re not bad shows, but the load them up with so many spots that they’re just unwatchable if you have to sit through them all.  The DVR makes those shows tolerable. 

On an up note, Denver is beating Tennessee, which will leave Jacksonville in sole possession of 2nd place in the AFC South … if it holds.  And, they’re only a game back of the Colts.  Some in town are whispering “playoffs”.  But there’s a tough schedule still to go.  Makes it fun to watch.

 The bike is still in the shop, and will be until Wednesday.  Something about a funky inner tube.  I’ll just need to cut back on everything until I get it back, then hit it again between the holidays.  3000 miles is not likely by the end of the year, but I won’t be far off that pace.  Something to shoot for next year.



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