Sunday on the River

mathhart2.jpgI couldn’t bring myself to just sit in front of the TV watching the Jaguars this afternoon.  I hadn’t had the boat off the rack for … geeze … had to have been 6 weeks.  So rather than just veg in front of the tube, I spent those three hours on the river.

I decided to head down towards downtown Jacksonville this afternoon.  The game was on, and one of the touchdowns was scored while I was down near the stadium.  Fireworks and a roar from the stadium let me know.  But I spent most of my time shooting pictures of several of the bridges that span the St. Johns River.  They’re on my photostream on Flickr, if you’d like to see them.

You’ve heard me discuss before that the ancient Greeks often said that time spent on the water is not deducted from man’s allotted span.  I hope that’s true.  It’s just so relaxing to me to be out on the boat, particularly on a day like today with the river glassy in some places, just a light chop in others.  Lots of commercial traffic on the river today as well.  Several ships moving up and down the river … more than I normally see on a Sunday afternoon.  All in all, just a nice day to go play.

pelicans-2.jpgWhen I got back to the marina, there were several people cleaning fish they’d caught, and quite a committee of pelicans waiting for a handout.  How does that old saying go?  “A marvelous bird is the pelican … it’s beak can hold more than it’s belly can.”  These guys were sitting on one of the closed docks near the fish cleaning station just waiting for the guys doing the cleaning to toss the scraps into the water.  There were more than a few gulls in the mix as well.  And, of course, pelicans aren’t really very interested in sharing. 

So they fought over the scraps.  On the Flickr photostream, I’ve got a picture of one bird with his beak literally stuck down into the other ones pouch, trying to get the fish.  Of course, the bird that originally caught the scrap is holding on to his rivals beak, trying to prevent him from getting it.  It was honestly pretty comical to watch. 


Tomorrow, it’s back to work, but a short week with Thanksgiving just around the corner.  We’ll record Week in Review on Wednesday, and settle in for a 4 day weekend. 

Mike and Linda are coming for Thanksgiving.  But since I ran the boat today, if Hanna drags his over and wants to use it to fish, that’ll be OK.  Or, if we decide to fish off my boat, that’s OK too.  I will need to get some gas and oil if we’re going to do anything extensive.  The gas gauge was starting to bounce down to about a quarter tank, which means it’ll take 30 or 4o gallons of fuel.  At least I know that now.  And maybe we’ll come back to the marina and these guys will be watching for us to toss them a little sumpin’ sumpin’.  I hope so.pelicans-1.jpg



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