Just some random thoughts for this weekend before Thanksgiving.

I took my bike to the shop today.  After over 2200 miles on this bike, it needed at least one new tire (in the back), brake pads, cable adjustments, tweaking and lubing and an overall tuneup.  I’ll have it back on Monday, so at least I won’t feel guilty about not riding.  With any luck, I’ll have the boat off the rack tomorrow.  It hasn’t been run in a month or more, so I really need to do that.

The hives are still hanging in there.  I don’t know what has triggered this bout of allergic reaction.  It’s infuriating.  I got some Benadryl gel to try to knock down the itching, which is seems to be doing. 

We did most of the Thanksgiving shopping this evening.  The turkey is bought and thawing.  Sides are planned and mostly bought.  I’m a little nervous about roasting a turkey, but I think I’ll do OK.  There was a sign up at Publix saying they’d be open at 6:00 Thanksgiving eve.  First of all, Thanksgiving Eve is a completely new concept to me.  But the only worse time to be at Publix than morning before Thanksgiving would be the afternoon before Thanksgiving.  I’ll probably go Tuesday afternoon for the ingredients for the dressing.  Even though I’ve never had an issue with a stuffed turkey, there’s been a lot of talk about the turkey drying out before the stuffing gets to a temperature that kills all the bacteria.  So, I’ll make dressing, but not stuff it in the turkey.  It still allows for fried dressing and eggs by the weekend.  That’s just one of the best things ever.



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  1. alot of miles vetween services good on ya

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