Each year, Oxford designates a “Word of the Year”.  This year, it’s “Locavore”.  That, apparently, is someone who only eats things grown or produced locally … defined as within 100 miles.  It came from San Francisco.  What a big surprise.

But I’m not going to write about made up words going into the Oxford Dictionary.  They can put any made up word in they want.  My complaint is with the entire concept.  How boring would that be.

I can’t imagine limiting myself to things that were only locally grown.  I’d never eat a pineapple or a banana, or an apple.  And that only begins the list of things that would be disallowed.  There is precious little agriculture within 100 miles of my little beach town.  I’d have a difficult time finding “locally grown” beef, pork, or chicken.  Fish and shrimp would be no problem, but even that would be limited.  I don’t think I’d be able to have much cheese, and certainly not the wonderful parmesiano reggiano, or asiago, or Edam, or brie.   

The concept of being a “locavore” is an honorable one.  I can understand the desire to support local growers and farmers.  I like to support local businesses, and do it when ever possible.  And I understand the concept of lowering ones “carbon footprint” because the produce didn’t have to be transported to a grocery store and refrigerated … etc, etc, etc.  But I’m not willing to give up the cornucopia of ingredients available to me to cook good food … not to mention what I’d get at a local ethnic restaurant of almost any description worth going to (and I’m not talking Taco Bell) to be a “locavore”.  If it’s for you, great.  Have fun.  but don’t try to make me feel guilty simply because I go into Fresh Market or Publix and buy quality ingredients at a reasonable price, because I’m not playing that game.  Sort of like religion,  yours is good for you, and mine is good for me.  As long as we can agree to that, we’ll be fine.



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