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…’cause company’s coming for dinner. 

It was a nice day for taking some pictures yesterday, which culminated in a very nice visit with my cousin Mike and his wife Linda over in High Springs.  stumps-3.jpg

Cypress knees are very interesting looking.  Rather like someone has buried a bunch of gnomes in the dirt, with just their hats showing.  Then, the hats turned into wood.  Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure there’s a nightmare in my future about a bunch of zombie gnomes digging their way up out of the swamp with little wooden hats and gaping mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. 

I can only speculate that they are the remnants of a cypress tree trunk that has fallen and largely rotted away.  If you’ve ever seen a cypress tree, it has a trunk that looks like it has fins on it.  I’m thinking that when the tree falls, the knees, or fins, are the last to decay.  They get rounded by erosion and such until they resemble the gnome hats.  There were places where there were litterally hundreds of them poking up out of the ground.  The makings of a zombie movie for sure.



I don’t know where I got a fascination for stumps and sticks.  but these two poking up from the bottom of the Santa Fe river just at the bank remind you just how low the water level is in central Florida.  There weren’t the rains we had here at the beach late in September and early in October, so the drought is still in full force over in that part of the state.  We saw a lot of holding ponds and even sinkholes that were completely dry.  It’s easy to see why they want to start drawing down the St. Johns River, but I’m fervently hopeful that they’re not allowed to do that.


As the sun set, we were in Poe Springs State Park, and the light behind this old live oak overhanging the river covered in Spanish Moss was simply spectacular.  I waited for the better part of half an hour, watching the light change and taking pictures every few minutes.  The best of those, along with the other shots I took, are available on Flickr.  I hope you enjoy them.

Now, on to finish the pot roast and get the rest of dinner going. 



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