Hummingbird Moth

I was wondering what I was going to write about tonight, really without an inspiration.  Andie was setting out the Halloween decorations (but that’s another post) and I went outside to see.  In the plumbago outside the front door, was what first looked like a hummingbird, but turned out to be a moth.moth-4.jpg

A Hummingbird Moth 

It literally flitted from flower to flower like a hummingbird, and faster than I could easily follow with the camera.  But  you can see in these pictures that there are antennae, and no tail to speak of.  We’ve seen them before, but I finally had the camera to get a reasonable shot. 


There are full size photos of this interesting little critter here


So, it’s Halloween, the kids have come for a while, but not as many as years past, and now, at 8:30, they’re pretty much slowed to a trickle.  We’ll have candy to get rid of, and I hope it mostly goes to work with somebody that’s not me.




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