Photo Essay

With several hours to kill before our flight out of Washington today, so we took a walk around the trail at Lake Acotink Park.  It’s a beautiful place this time of the year, with about a 4 mile trail around the lake.  As soon as I get the rest of the pitures massaged and ready for Shutterfly, I’ll link them up, and they should make a nice photo essay.  it was a chamber of commerce day.  Here are a couple of samples.

Update:  Photos from Lake Acotink are up.  Enjoy.


This is a picture of the lake, with some very nice color reflecting in the water.  The lake and park are mostly for storm water retention, as there is no way it’s used for drinking water.  There are canoes and paddle boats available, and some people fish in the lake, but I don’t know if anyone eats anything they catch.


Here’s an example of some of the colors that are out late in October in Northern Virginia.  They haven’t turned really spectacular in Springfield like they have up in the higher altitudes around Winchester, but they’ll get there.  The drought may make the colors more vivid than they might be in a non-drought year.

I’m particularly proud of the shot below.  I loved the way the log just stuck out of the water, and the stillness of the lake made for a really interesting reflection.  Notice you don’t see the second limb on the log which makes the “Y” in the reflection.  It’s starting to be close to something resembling art.

I’ll get all of the shots linked up tomorrow.  Actually later today.   I hope you enjoy them.



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