Senior Night

We’re in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC, where last night we attended Senior Night at Annandale High School.  My daughter, Jenni, is the drum major for the high school band, and we flew up for last nights performance.  There was a football game as well, but that wasn’t nearly as exciting as “the band show”, as Harry Dinkle used to say in Funky Winkerbean. 

blog.jpg Anyway, I was so proud.  To see the way Jen led the band, wow.  I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea how good she was at it.  My fault for not being here.  She is a very talented young woman.

Anyway, you can find pictures of the event here … for which we stayed up until it just started to pour rain.  About mid way throught the 3rd quarter, a cold wind blew through the stadium, where we had all been sweating in the humidity before.  I’d forgotten about those kinds of cold rainstorms blowing in.  The temerature dropped probably 15-20 degrees in about 15 minutes, the sky just openend up and poured. 

Today is a state marching band competition in Winchester, Virginia, and we’re heading out that way for that as well.  It’s supposed to be a nice area, and the leaves are just turning.  More pics tonight, or I’ll post them when I get home.



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