Sometimes, News is Like Comedy

Tragedy, plus timing.

Today … well actually yesterday, was case in point.  It was a very busy news day yesterday, and today followed suit.  Reporters were trying to chase down a major ports deal the Mayor was signing in Korea, and following he professional demise of Dr. Joseph Wise, the now-former Superintendent of Schools.  Today came the news that Group 2 At-Large Councilman Jay Jabour is having his election set aside because his condo at the beach is not his actual primary residence.  He, of course, contests the ruling, and will likely ask for a re-hearing.  That can’t bode well for Brenda Priestly-Jackson, a member of the School Board who also allegedly doesn’t really live in the district she represents. Tragedy, plus timing.  It’s really unfortunate, if they both wind up losing their elected positions because of where they do or don’t live.  Both seem to be capable legislators, thought BP-J was one of Dr. Wise’s biggest detractors. 

On another note, I reached a milestone today.  After a 20 mile ride, I downloaded my data from the GPS, and I’ve crossed the 2500 mile mark.  2501.3, I think.  I’ve got to get a new back tire for the bike, as it’s just about bald, and there’s at least one spot where it’s down to the cording.  Now, if I can just stop eating so much, I might lose a pound.  When pledge is over next week, it’ll be easier, simply because there won’t be pledge food everywhere.  Need to start getting ready for the Holiday season.

Speaking of pledge, it went some better this morning, though we still weren’t up over $100K with just a day to go.  We’ll need to raise about 45-50 thousand tomorrow.

It can be done.  500 people pledging 100 dollars.  It can be done.



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