Still Slow, but Over Soon.

There’s not a lot to be blogged the past few days.  Work, eat, sleep, repeat.  Laundry and getting ready to see Jen.  I’ll be very happy when pledge is over and things can get back to normal … but I’m really concerned that we’re so far from the goal.  Not much else we can do, though. 

Maybe it’s the economy.  Maybe people are just not in a giving mood.   The stock market continues to do OK, but there has been so much negative publicity about the housing situation that people may not have a lot of confidence.  I guess that people have so much tied up in their houses that if they have the impression they’re not worth as much, they don’t feel like they can make a pledge. 

Maybe the message has just become wallpaper.  I hope that’s not the case, but it’s possible.

Or maybe they’re just tired of the news.  It’s been a lot of the same.  Bad news from overseas, bad news on the economy, bad political news … who knows.

 All I know is that people aren’t giving.  And we’re going to have a very difficult time.



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