Frog and Flower

I went out on the deck this morning, and a tiny tree frog was sitting in one of my stick plants.  Now, my friend the frog was sitting on one of the dead branches of the plant … which meant he wasn’t very well camouflaged.  But he (that’s an assumption on my part) looked like he needed to have his picture taken … so I obliged.


He kept moving around the limb, like he was embarrassed to have his picture taken, but I moved around with him.


Then, I looked at the mandavilla vine growing on the pergola I built on the deck.  The light was pretty spectacular.



Pledge continues to go badly.  We’ve got a lot of money to raise in the next few days.  Please make a pledge to your public radio station where ever you may be.

Back to the salt mine early tomorrow, so I’ve got to go make lunch and call it a night pretty soon.  I hope you enjoy the pics.



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One response to “Frog and Flower

  1. Gary Blevins


    Thanks for the birthday wish. Jamie and I are working on restoring a house that was built in 1900. Once this project is completed and the house is sold, we will be moving to Chicago.

    There I will probably find some part time work in a casino, flower shop or ballroom studio and try to take as many classes at Second City and IO as possible. I miss performing something awful.

    I am sorry to hear that pledge is a struggle, but I enjoyed reading your blog. You still look good with a guitar and the pork chops sound great.

    Jamie and Sweetie send their best.

    Your Friend,

    Gary Blevins

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