And Then, Depression Set In …

One of my all-time favorite lines from a movie.  Bill Murray in “Stripes”.  His girlfriend had dumped him, and his solution was to join the Army.  Hilarity ensues … at least for the first 45 minutes of the movie.  The second half is pretty weak, but the graduation scene is worth the price of admission … or the rental.

And maybe depression is not so much the right word as disillusionment.  I’m sure spell checker isn’t going to like that.  (it didn’t, but it gave me the correct suggestion) Pledge is going dismally.  We’re just not raising any money, and I don’t know why.  The message is the same, and the programming is still really good, but people just aren’t calling, and I don’t know what to do.  I do know that if this trend continues, I’m going to have some really hard choices to make come next August and September, because we’re not going to be able to keep all the programs. 

I’m disillusioned simply because I believe so strongly in what we’re doing … I know the audience is out there … and I can’t seem to convince them that it’s worth supporting.  I don’t know what else we (I) can do.  There’s no money to be spent on training of any kind, and fundraising is a very special kind of programming.  But sometimes, when it’s as slow as it’s been this week, I wonder why I even bother.   It’ll pass, I hope, but it’s just really difficult to keep the message positive when they’re just not responding.  And I do know what’s coming if we can’t do better than this … or if “they” don’t.  They’re not going to like it, I’m not going to like the phone calls, but I just won’t have a choice.  Or maybe I should just keep my eyes open. 

So, enough about work.  I managed to get out on the bike again this afternoon.   Nice to be back in something resembling a routine.  I’m up over 2400 miles.  Just have to keep cranking away.  It makes me feel better to ride, and the weather’s cooling off some so it’s not quite so nasty when I’m done.  In fact, it’s dropping down into the high 50’s tonight, they say.

Meanwhile, I nearly spit my coffee this morning when I heard there was a red flag warning for increased fire danger here today.  We’ve had 23 inches of rain here at the beach over the last 3 weeks, so I’m not terribly concerned.  I understand it’s not rained as much in the western part of the county, so maybe that was the cause for the warning.   I didn’t see the standing water in the front yards down along Ponte Vedra Boulevard this afternoon, but I didn’t really look either.  Was too busy fuming about pledge. 

Well, we’ll hit it again tomorrow and Saturday.  Maybe next week will be better.



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