I’ve managed to avoid Presidential debates up until this point.  Tonight, I’m taking the plunge.  I won’t be live blogging or letting you know who I think “won”.  There are tens of thousands of other sites that will do that.  But I do want to address the format, with 9 or 10 candidates on the stage.

It sucks.  It’s just awful.

No one is particularly articulate.  Everyone is trying to talk so fast to get their points in with such a short time to speak, that every candidate, bar none, is just stumbling all over themselves.   This is no way to select a candidate.  Absolutely not.

Now, I need to watch this.  People who know me know that, come the primary on January 29th, I’m going to have to vote for one of these guys.  I can’t not vote, so it’s going to have to be one of these.  Based on what I’ve seen so far tonight, I’m not sure who it’s going to be.  I have a better idea who it’s NOT going to be, but I hate choosing a candidate by the process of elimination.  The least objectionable.  No one wants the least objectionable President.  And it seems that’s what we’ve had for many, many, many years. 

More stammering and stuttering. 

Commercial break.

Back on the bike this afternoon.  I’d been fighting a slow leak in the back tire, which I changed this afternoon after I rode.  I found a little piece of wire sticking through.  I don’t know if it was part of the tire or something I’d picked up on the road, but I got it out and got the tube changed.  Hopefully it’ll be OK for a while, but I think I probably need a new tire for the back.  I have put a lot of miles on the bike, and I’m still pretty heavy, so the rear tire gets a lot of wear. 

Pledge is still going slow.  Pledge now if you listen to public radio anywhere in the country.  Most have a website that will allow you to donate any time.  Just make a damn donation.  Do it now.

I need to go make lunch for tomorrow while the commercial is on. 



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