TV is Back !!!

Yes, boys and girls, TV is back.  The new receiver FINALLY came today, and it only took 4 calls to tech support to get it up and operating, but it’s here and it works.  I’ll have to admit, one of the problems was of my own making.  I’d plugged the external antenna cable into one of the satellite inputs.  No wonder it didn’t find that satellite.  But that wasn’t the only problem.  Meanwhile, they sent the upgraded receiver, and I don’t know if they were supposed to.  But I have it, one of the tech support guys mentioned it, and I’m not planning to send it back.  Picture looks great, it has some nice new features, and for all the trouble I had getting it here, they owed me the upgrade.  Hi Def TV looks sooo good. 

Meanwhile, I said there were some interesting things going on this past weekend, and at least they kept me busy enough to keep me from blogging.  First on Saturday, other than not being able to mow because of the weather and more time bitching at Dish Network, we went to a thing downtown for Al Letson.  Al is a spoken word performer, and one of the winners of “Public Radio Talent Quest”.  He’ll have an opportunity to create a pilot radio program, which CPB will then decide whether to fund.  I did some work with Al over the course of the contest, and so we went to his thank you party.  Yes, we went across the ditch on a weekend.  That’s a very rare occurrence since Improv went away.  After about an hour at the party for Al, we went over to 9th and Main for a drink.  Scott, the new manager, was the director of Improv Jacksonville while I was a player.  I wanted to show a little support, so we went for a bit.  He’ll never get rich, or even break even, on what Andie and I drink, but I think (hope) he was happy to see a friendly face.  No live band for me to sit in with, but that’s OK.

Then Sunday, I cooked.  And it finally stopped raining long enough to get the lawn mowed.  10 for dinner Sunday night, including our friends Bill and Sara.  Sara is a recent graduate of culinary school at FCCJ, so I was a little intimidated cooking for her.  But she said the pork roast I made “kicked ass” … at which point I asked if it also tasted good.  It did turn out well.  I’ll have to try to remember what I actually did.  It was pretty involved, but not terribly complicated.  It was nice to have it turn out well.

This morning, pledge began.  The semi-annual madness.  We didn’t do too badly today, but the 148,000 goal is a little daunting.  I hope we have enough people call to make it work.  So, no matter where you might be reading this, support your local public radio station.  If you listen, you should make a pledge.  If you listen to WJCT … call and make a pledge as soon as you read this.  Go on, you’ve been listening, and you know the numbers.  Just do it.

Sorry, I get carried away. 


Here’s the pork roast recipe.

Start with a 2-3 pound boneless pork roast.  Tenderloin will also work, but a standard roast will cost about half as much.

Mix roughly equal portions of seasoned (Italian) bread crumbs and freshly grated assiago or Parmesan cheese in a bowl, and add enough Dijon mustard just to hold it together.  Unlace the roast, which will be in two halves.  Butterfly each half, salt and pepper the meat, and add the mixture to the split.  Re-assemble the roast and re-tie. 

Mix together EVOO, garlic powder, paprika, mustard powder and Dijon mustard in a bowl.  Salt and pepper the outside of the roast, then coat with the olive oil mixture.  Let stand to room temperature.

Build a moderately hot fire in  your grill.  Fill a smoking pan with soaked mesquite chips.  When your charcoal is ready, spread it into two even piles with empty space between.  In a foil pan, combine a cup of red wine, 2 cloves crushed garlic, a coarsely chopped shallot, and a cup of water.  Place the pan between the charcoal piles.  Place the smoking pan directly on top of the coals on one side.  Place the roast over the pan and close the lid.  Roast to an internal temperature of 140-145 degrees.  Allow to rest 10 minutes before carving.


Red Pepper Sauce.

Slice two whole red peppers, removing seeds, and place large slices over direct heat (charcoal).  Allow to roast on each side until the skin side is charred and bubbled.  Remove from heat and peel off skin under cool running water.  In a 2 quart sauce pan, combine two cups of beef broth or stock, 1/2 cup chopped onion, and two crushed cloves of garlic.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for about 20-30 minutes. 

Using a stick blender (my choice), regular blender, or food processor, puree the mixture.  Add just enough heavy cream to lighten the color.  Salt and pepper to taste, and continue simmering until ready to serve.  Spoon over roast.


Have to get to bed early.  0515 will come early in the morning.


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