Absolutely Livid

In the big scheme of things, it’s really trivial, but my DVR receiver won’t be delivered until Monday.  MONDAY.  Two full weeks after I first called to report a problem.  The incompetence of the customer service at Dish Network has been absolutely breathtaking.  I can’t believe that after I called on Wednesday at 9:00 am, obviously an unhappy customer, than they couldn’t get the damn thing out the door before 10:00 pm Thursday.  It’s simply mind-boggling.  And I know, It’s only TV, and it will get here on Monday and it’s just two weeks and yadda, yadda, yadda.  But come on?  How difficult can it be.  And I think the most frustrating thing about it is that even if I call to bitch them out AGAIN, which I’ll probably do tomorrow anyway, it won’t do a damn bit of good.  I am going to demand a full month’s free service, since I’ve lost two weeks.  We’ll see how far that goes.

Meanwhile, it’s forecast to rain most of the weekend, again.  All these crappy weekends, and the only way to watch TV is to go lie in bed.  I know, to some that might sound like a really great way to spend a weekend, lying in bed watching TV, but I’d really rather get out and do something.  I might have to brave the rain.

So I guess that’s about it.  I saw a comic strip today where a guy is blogging and his computer’s thought ballon (I know, anthropomorphic computer … or AI, I don’t know which) says “It’s not a blog, it’s a blah”.  Sometimes that’s how I feel writing here, but it is what it is.

 Tomorrow will be pretty cool, though, even without the TV.  More on that … tomorrow.  Or Sunday if I get home too late to blog tomorrow.



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