Sunday, Quiet Sunday

The weather was just awful today, for everything but what I did.  A persistent nor’easter brought off and on torrential downpours all day today, and a steady 20-25 knot wind.  Every hint of sunshine was very short lived, and then would come another shower.  If it were tropical, it’d be rain bands.  But it’s just a nor’easter, which means beach erosion has probably been pretty bad this week.

I’d considered trying the MS 150 this weekend.  A 2 day bike ride from St. Augustine to Daytona and back.  With the wind hard out of the northeast and persistent rain today, which would have been the return from Daytona, I’m glad I wasn’t committed to 75 miles on a bicycle.  Maybe next year.

So, I went into my office room, which I don’t do very often any more, and started to clean up the fire hazard it’d become.  I had paper and bills (which I’d paid) and statements and stuff piled up on nearly every flat surface, some it dating back to late 2005.  So while I barely scratched the surface, I managed to get stuff sorted and filed and tossed and shredded.  Spent nearly 2 1/2 hours on it today.  Now I could go in and sit down at the computer in there if I needed to, but the laptop is so much more convenient, and not so anti-social.  Now I need to so start sorting through the junk in there, and see what can be pitched.  I’m sure there’s a lot.

I called Dish Network again today, and it seems my request for the refurbished DVR had never made it all the way through the processing … and hadn’t been shipped.  So they’re FedExing it tomorrow, and they SAY they’ll credit my bill for the shipping charge.  We’ll keep a close eye on it to be sure they do.  I should also have some credit coming for the time I’ve spent without the receiver.  If it’d only been a couple of days, I wouldn’t bother.  But it’ll be a week Monday, and that should be about 15-20 percent of my monthly bill.  I still have the standard def receiver in the other room, so it wouldn’t be a full 25 percent.  We’ll see.

Another shot of rain coming through.  Just doesn’t stop all day.

Had a long conversation with Katherine today.  Just talked about kids and houses and stuff.  Nice to talk to her, since I hadn’t for a long time. 

And with that, we’ll see Busy, Tim, and Lucas for dinner tonight.  Doing a pretty major thing next Sunday, so we’re not cooking tonight.  Nice to take a Sunday off, though I haven’t been able to ride since I think Wednesday.  Have to hit it again next week, as pledge starts the week after. 



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