Cool of the Evening

It has finally gotten cool enough to sit out in the screen room with the windows all open.  A breeze that’s keeping me from bicycling or getting the boat off the rack is keeping things very pleasant our here tonight.  If Andie doesn’t get home soon, I’ll have to take a cigar out to the patio and enjoy the night air.

I didn’t blog last night, because we didn’t get home until nearly midnight, and I’d gotten up at somewhere around 6:00.  So it had been a really, really long day, but a good one.

Week in Review went very well.  Good topics and a good panel.  I’m always happy when the show goes well.  You can hear the show online every week on our news archive page. 

Then, after a  pretty ordinary day at work, I was the MC for the local screening of the films for the Manhattan Short Film Festival. msff_2.jpgRead about it on the website. No reason for me to re-type all that stuff here if you’re not interested. We saw 12 short films, which were also being screened in lots of other places. The gimmick is that the people screening the films have an opportunity to vote for their favorite. The winner is announced I think tomorrow. I voted for a pretty disturbing little film about a photojournalist. We’ll see how that goes.

 After the film festival, Andie and I went to 9th and Main  for a nightcap, and John Citrone’s band The Druids durids.jpgwas playing. John always wants me to play a couple of songs when I see them, and so I hacked my way through a couple of things. I even tried a lead solo, and it was awful, but at least I tried.  I’ve always been much better as a rhythm player … but when you’re trying to sit in as the only guitar in a trio, you have to at least try.  Nobody would ask me to be in their band based on my performance last night.   Though I was still in my suit from the film festival, and I know someone took a couple of photos that he was going to post on his blog … but I don’t have any recollection of what that blog URL is.  I hope I can find it and see how I look rocking out in a suit and tie.  Wasn’t it Huey Lewis that sang “I like my bands in bidness suits”? 

My friend Scott Abrams is managing 9th and Main these days, and while it’s not what he WANTS to be doing, I think it’s good for him.  At least it’s not back into the 9-5 he swore he’d never do again.  It’s more like 9 to 2 … am.  All Scott wants to do is write, but he’s got to pay the bills somehow.  So, if anyone ever reads this, go check out 9th and Main in Springfield, or just visit

Tomorrow is Sunday, and it looks like it’s still going to be a bit on the breezy side for boating or cycling.  I had thought about trying the MS 15o this year, and the ride today with a 15 mph wind out of the northeast might have been pretty good.  It’s from St. Augustine to Daytona and back.  Tomorrow, with the same wind riding north back to St. Aug … I’d have had a difficult time making it, I’m sure.  Maybe next year I’ll feel like I’m in good enough shape to try it.

Well, this has been a total linkfest.  I think I’ll stop while the stopping is good.

 UPDATE … I almost forgot, the DVR receiver didn’t get here today.  I’ll have to call and bitch about that tomorrow.



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