Technology Meltdown

Wow, what a bad technology day here at Lake Woebegone By-The-Sea yesterday.  A complete entertainment system failure.

First, we’ve been expecting the TV to so almost any time.  It was making a bad noise on startup, and the last time that happened, we had to replace the projector bulb.  But this time, it’s not under warranty any longer, so I had to go online to shop for the bulb.  Not an inexpensive little item, and all the websites say ‘Keep a spare, so you’re sure not to miss your favorite shows”.  That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, thought it’s supposed to last 3000-5000 hours.  I don’t have any idea how many hours this bulb has, and some people were talking about how theirs died days after the warrenty expired.  Oh well, it’s certainly less than a new TV.

But in the moment that I did make the TV work yesterday, I tried to turn on the DVR, and it gave me a cryptic bunch of lights and a bad UNIX message on the TV screen.  System Failure.  It’s like the NT Blue Screen of Death.  The good news is, Dish Network is sending a refurbished replacement free of charge, along with RMA information for returning the old one.  Andie’s losing about 20 hour of Oprah (oh well), and we’re also losing our “appearance” on Letterman … in the audience sweep.  But how many times were we going to watch that again, really.

So, technology meltdown.  Not a disaster, since it’s only TV, but when you’re used to it, it’s difficult to do without.

Now, in a few minutes, I’m going to Casa Marina for a Hail and Farewell to Mike Stuck, the grantwriter at the station.  There are few people with whom I disagree with as often as I do with Mike that I like as much.  Great guy, and we’ll miss him.  The good news is, he’s only going as far as Tampa.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to stay in touch.

Better get ready to go.



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