Pictures from a Boat Day

If all you want is to see the pictures, I’ll spare you the rest of the post and just say click here.

So now I’m on hold with Dish Network.  Our receiver has gone kaput.  I managed to re-set the TV by unplugging and re-plugging … but then the satellite receiver decided to take a vacation.  I tried re-booting several times, but to no avail.  So now, I’ve called customer support, and we’ll see if they come on any time soon.

With the TV not working, I’m missing Monday Night Football.  The hold music and message are very repetitive.  I’m going to go look to see if there’s a chatroom that is dedicated to tech support.

 The old Dish Network number went to some sleazy sales rep.  I looked up the number online.  Better music, and less repetitive, but back on hold.  Thank goodness for headsets and wireless phones.  I can at least still blog and go to the mah jong game while I wait, and I won’t have telephone elbow.

Enjoy the pictures.



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