Noah …

I need to determine what exactly is a cubit.  It continues to rain tonight, I think the weather service is calling for a 70 percent chance of more rain tonight.  Since the 7 or 8 inches of rain Monday, yesterday was something of a respite in that it didn’t rain all day, and today it spit and spritzed until tonight.  Now, it’s occasionally opening up and pouring.  It has been a lot of rain, but I doubt at least in this part of the county we’ve no longer got a drought situation, although the northern parts of the county have not seen nearly as much rain.

It’s rained so much that Monday, there were enormous potholes that opened up on Butler Boulevard … one of the newer main roads that connect the beach town.  I guess the sand and gravel under the pavement just washed away, and with the actual holes under water, several cars suffered pretty severe damage in the storm.  I was fortunate in that my route home only had it’s normal number of cars, so while it took longer than normal to get home because of the rain, there wasn’t the flooding that some parts of town saw.  By the time I got back to the beach, 3rd street was no longer under water, and things were pretty well back to normal.

Meanwhile, driving to work this morning in the pretty much pouring rain, the irrigation was running at Regency Mall.  With all the talk we do about water conservation and how difficult it’s going to be in the next few years … with all the growth and limited water … a major mall can’t figure out how to not make its sprinklers run in the rain. 

I’m yawning pretty big.  I wonder if it’s because I cooked fresh turkey breast for dinner.  They say you’d have to eat an enormous amount of fresh turkey to get enough tryptophan to make you sleepy, but it seems pretty suspicious to me.  Odd, though, that when I cook turkey thighs, I don’t have this reaction.  Maybe it’s because I’ve only slept 6 hours each of the last couple of nights.  Bed earlier tonight.

So it’s Wednesday, and there’s just not a lot to get excited about.  I wish I could get excited about the upcoming presidential election.  I’ve been trying.  Reading probably too much about candidates and the process.  I’m kinda pissed at Iowa and New Hampshire trying to hold on to the ridiculous notion of being “first in the nation”, saying it’s about influence and making sure a small state has a say in the process … but it’s really all about the money.  Granted, probably the candidates wouldn’t spend a lot of time in either place if they weren’t first, but the amount of money spent by the campaigns and journalists in those states as they follow the candidates has to be obscene.  So in even numbered years divisible by 4, they get big piles of money.  Not just the broadcasters, which kind of goes without saying, but the hotels and restaurants and gift shops and printers and crews to clean up after the rallies … big piles of money.

Still, the process appears to be broken.  The threat by the DNC to strip Florida and Michigan and any other state that dares to try for the same relevance as Iowa and New Hampshire is just ridiculous.  But there it is.  Meanwhile, the top-tier Republicans have all decided to sit out a debate on PBS and hosted by Tavis Smiley.  I can’t for the life of me understand why they would do that.  I’m just kind of fed up with the whole thing.

There’s almost no civil discourse anymore.  Every little incident seems to have some national implication to someone.  I had someone ask me very stridently today if the incident that occurred at UF with the kid who probably set himself up to get tasered at a John Kerry speech was “the kind of democracy we want to show the Iraqis?”  Which I’d read on a blog earlier in the day.  Frankly, and I wish I’d have thought to say this during the discussion, but I don’t think the Iraqis give a shit about a kid being tased by a few likely over-zealous cops at a John Kerry event.  He knew he was going to cause a scene, and he did.  The campus police played right into his hands, and did exactly what he wanted them to do.  But I don’t think the Iraqis give a shit.  They’ve got a lot more pressing issues to worry about.  And if I was going to worry about what kind of democracy we’re showing the Iraqis, I’d worry about the dismal 7 percent voter turnout in the district 16 special election, and the pathetic 50 – 60 percent turnout we have in presidential elections.  Of course, the Iraqis don’t take voting for granted like we do here, but if we’re going to try to be an example to others and export democracy, we ought to go to the freaking polls. 

And so ends my rant. I wish I’d have thought of that when we were having the discussion.  But so often, the best rejoinders come well after the fact.  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t the best improviser. 



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