Long Ride

I rode 35 miles today, which put me over 100 miles for the week, even without the 17 or so I rode Sunday when the GPS’s battery was dead.  With that, I was up near 120 for the week.  Today, it was down to Micklers Landing, then all the way to the top of Seminole Road, with a litte detour through the middle of the Ponte Vedra Inn and  Club golf course.  Not to be concerned, it was on actual streets that run through the course.  People do like to live on golf courses down here.  I’d be worried about broken windows.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of huge new houses I see under construction every time I ride.  This was my first ride down as far as Micklers in a while, and it seems like two or three more have sprung up out of the ground since I was down there last.  I know I’ve said before I can’t imagine having enough money to build one of those McMansions on the beach.  But the money must come from somewhere.  If they didn’t earn it themselves, I hope they remembered to thank their parents before they passed and the trust funds kicked in.

Elsewhere … Indiana has managed to open the season 3-0.  Probably the first time that’s happened in I don’t know when.  I know there are a lot of Indiana grads down here, and for a while, there was a loosely-knit alumni club.  I think I made it to one meeting, then the guy who was the nominal head of the club, a reporter for the Times-Union, got a job in Tampa and I haven’t heard anything since.  It would certainly be nice to have a football program to brag about for a change, but they haven’t even begun the Big 10 season.  We’ll see how things develop.

Well, I’ve got to go get ready for this thing for Andie’s work this evening.  A couple of hours with Georgia builders and realtors.  Wheeeeeee.  She owes me for this one.



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