Car Repairs

Thank God for free wi-fi.  Actually, it’s not the car being repaired, but the HD Radio I had installed a few weeks ago.  Seems the fuse connector was cracked.  Dennis said “nothing a little electrical tape won’t fix”.  I wondered why it suddently started just turning itself off and on.  I assumed it wasn’t haunted.

So I’m sitting in the car place scarfing wi-fi from Where Ya Bean, the coffee shop across the street.  I went over and bought a mocha soy blended thing, and left a nice tip, so I don’t feel the least bit bad about scarfing their wi-fi.  It’s why they have it, and I’m not sitting in their place taking up table space while I wait for my car.  It’s a nice little local business, with a product every bit as good as (insert name of overpriced coffee chain here), and I do like to support local business.  It’s like the thing with the Mayport shrimp.  I hope they’ll all listen to the station and support us when we ask, so it’s the least I can do to support them.

Speaking of work, there was an electrical fire on Tuesday that’s kept us from normal operations since.  They hope to have us back to full operations by Friday, but it’s been nice to be able to bail out and go home early the past couple of days.  Today, it gave me a chance to have this HD Radio seen about.  Next will be the grocery store, then maybe a nap.

I’m really glad to have this available.  There’s a really bad, bad, bad movie on the TV here.  The dialogs’ more stilted that the stunt guys in a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade … really about as bad as that similie. 

Andie’s still in Kansas City, Missouri.  She has to fly home tomorrow, and tropical storm, probably by then tropical depression Humbeto is between Jacksonville and Kansas City.  Hopefullly it will have been knocked down enough by then to just be a bad rainstorm they can fly over.  Otherwise, who knows when she’ll get home.

OK.  Car’s done.  More later.



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