The Gift of a Day.

Sometimes, it’s a gift.


A gift of a day.  There was a little transformer fire at work today, and fortunately no one was hurt, but it happened at about 9:15, and they sent us all home for the day.  An unscheduled, unplanned, undedicated day off work.  And a nice day to boot.  So what’s a beach bum to do?  Load up the fishing poles, grab the camera, and head out on the water. 

It was a little lumpy out on the ocean, and I wanted the picture taking opportunities afforded me by the river.  The St. Johns river and the Intercoastal Waterway.  I shot over 100 frames.  I only liked something like 28 of them.  You can see them, as always, on Shutterfly here.

I though about how lucky I am to have the ability to spend time on the water.  To have the boat, and the river on which to play. 

Anyway, I caught a couple of little whiting and a couple of little yellowtail, and a lot of ultraviolet rays.  When I felt the wind shift and saw the rain on the horizon, I turned on the weather radio and heard a Special Marine Warning had been issued for the area, so I pulled up the anchor and hightailed it back to the marina.  I never really did rain hard, but it blew like the dickens.  By the time I got home and checked the radar, it looked like everything had gone to the south then out to sea.  I could have stayed out longer, but why take the risk.  It was like being told not to abuse the gift of the day I’d been given. 

I love being on the water.  Someone once told me that the ancient Greeks used to say that time spent on the water was not deducted from man’s allotted span.  It’s my B’rer Rabbit Laughing Place.  Even when the boat was being finicky, I loved every second of it.  It’s always been that way.  When there were sailboats, sometimes a day at the dock working on the engine was almost as good as spending the day under sail.  In the August doldrums on the Chesapeake Bay, it could be better working on the engine.  But since I was a kid, weekends at KenRay Lake on a boat or a canoe or innertube or whatever … it’s always been my laughing place.  Now, I have the entirety of the Atlantic Ocean, the Intercoastal Waterway, and the St. Johns River as my playground.  All it takes is gas …

Back at home, selecting and editing my pics, Andie has a meeting so dinner was cedar plank grilled grouper with gorgonzola and Brussels sprouts with toasted pine nuts and sun dried tomoatoes.  She hates the fish, loves the sprouts, but I didn’t stop to get asparagus, which i usually do when I cook for just me.  And now, I’m at the end of my gift day.  Blogging and hoping one comes along again sometime.  Nothing like a Saturday on Tuesday.  It’ll throw my rhythm off for the week, but the show will be easy this week, and then it will be the weekend again.



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