Guana River

Guana River Marsh

We went to the Guana River State Wildlife Preserve today, after the Jaguars couldn’t hold on an beat the Titans.  I was restless even after riding the bike 16 or 17 miles, and doing half the mowing (more on that later).  So I took the camera and we drove down to the preserve to see what we could see, and capture.  You can see what we saw here.

I love places like this, because it’s what Florida looked like before the developers got ahold of it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Real estate development has been very good to us, and will be again.  I don’t mind that people want to live here.  Hell, I moved here from someplace else, drawn by the climate, the proximity to the beach, and a very favorable tax situation.  I’m a Floridian by choice, and don’t begrudge anyone else who chooses to live here.  But I’m also very glad I can go to a place like this 20 miles from my house and see what the first explorers, and the native people, saw here.  Would I have wanted to live that way … with no air conditioning or mosquito repellent?  Not on your life.  But I am glad I can go see it, and capture it in ones and zeros.

Now … about the lawn.  Well, my brother-in-law Tim called this morning, mostly because I’d aksed if I could borrow his mower yesterday.  It started raining about the time he called back and said I could, so that was fortunate.  He said he could come look at it if I wanted … and after I’d nearly pulled my arm off trying to start the damn thing yesterday.  I told him I’d already changed the spark plug, when he asked if I knew where the air filter was.  He suggested I clean the filter, which is what he’d done in the past in similar situations.  I told him I’d do that and give him an update at dinner tonight.

Long story short, I spent 5 minutes cleaning the air filter, and the mower stared on the first pull.  THE FIRST PULL.  The only saving grace was that he didn’t have to come over here and make me look like a complete idiot by cleaning the air filter and starting the damn mower on the first pull.  So, note to self … clean the mower air filter every spring. 

So, the lawn got mowed, the bike got ridden, and pictures were taken.  The boat didn’t come down off the rack, but that will by my photography platform next weekend … as long as we’re not under a tropical storm watch, or warning.  Not forecast to be, but you just never know.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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