I Fought the Lawn …

… And the lawn won.  Well, actually the lawnmower, which decided it was going to take today off.  I pulled on the start cord until I had blisters, changed the spark plug … and I couldn’t get it to so much as cough and try to start.  So, I didn’t get the lawn mowed today, and it made me grumpy the rest of the day.  I didn’t want it to make me grumpy, but there it is.  I guess there’s probably a new lawnmower in our immediate future. 

Otherwise, it was another just dreary day here at the beach.  Something tropical is spinning up offshore, and while it doesn’t seem to be threatening us here, it made the weather rainy and dreary for another Saturday.  Tomorrow, I’m going to get the bike out and ride just so I’m not feeling like a slug all day.  I’d have ridden today, but I though I was going to get my exercise mowing.  Not so much. 

I really don’t have anything interesting or earth-shattering to say tonight.  Just in a mood.  I did take some more piccs of flowers in the yard.  Just a good way to learn to focus the camera and do some basic composition.  I hope to get some other stuff soon.  Maybe after I ride tomorrow, I’ll get the boat off the rack and head down the intracoastal.  I also need to go see Dennis to have him look at the HD radio in the car and see if he can get it working again.

 So, another pretty pedestrian post.  Maybe things will be more interesting tomorrow.



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