Thursday Football

Tomorrow is Friday.  The Indianapolis Colts are pretty much dismantling The New Orleans Saints (which Al Michales pronounces “New Or-lee-ens).

I’ve never been to New Orleans.  I’d love to go just for the food and the music.  There aren’t a lot of places left in the US that I really want to go … but there are a ton that I’d like to see again.

I haven’t been out west for a long time.  There are so many things that are so different from Florida.  I haven’t seen a real mountain for years and years.  And the hugeness of the country out there just has to be experienced.  If you’ve been there, you know.  I remember going hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch … and I wasn’t even a Boy Scout at the time.  I’ve had enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been smoking at the time, but a lot of us were not as smart then as we are now.  The real touristy places are ok … Mt. Rushmore and such.  Yellowstone used to be cool, but I understand it’s getting pretty much overrun at this point.  The Grand Tetons were spectacular, and Devil Tower, The Badlands, Dinosaur National Monument … all spectacular.

I still recall camping out in some of the little, independent campgrounds out west.  I don’t remember exactly where it was, but there was a clear, cold stream and just towering pines.  The sound of the wind sighing through the pine boughs was completely new to me then.  I’d heard plenty of wind, but somehow, it was different.  It was cool and crisp and clean … and August.  It was really spectacular.

The desert southwest is also mesmerizing … though it might not be as I remember it.  I’m sure there are still places where you can see for miles … the vista unbroken by anything but the ribbon of asphalt that brought you there. 

Many places I’d go again.

And yet, New Orleans stands pretty much alone as the only major American city that I’ve not seen … and that I want to see.  Maybe it’s just the mystique of the place.  But I need to go and experience it for myself.  Maybe here in my 5oth year.



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