All Show and No Go

It was a poor little green Honda Civic.  The airfoil on the back was nearly as big as the car, and it had a noisemaker “muffler” under the rear bumper.  All it did was make noise.  It could barely get out of it’s own way, but it made a lot of noise. 

It was a day for bad cars.  We saw one on the way back from lunch today.  An Excursion with gull wing doors and those low-profile tires that mean it’s only good for hauling your posse. 

The day started poorly, car-wise.  There was a probably-drunk or stoned older man driving an older model car in rush hour traffic this morning.  Driving it like he was on a NASCAR track, weaving in and out, trying to get that one car length ahead.  I was of the impression he wanted to be in my lane … trying to cut me off … but I was too far forward for him to get in.  He continued over, at least in my perception, so I honked.  Kinda laid on the horn, actually.  A bit of a mistake with the top down.  The guy continued to jaw me for an mile and a half.  Every time he’d get close enough that he thought I could hear him, he was at it again.  I never really did understand what he said.  I did tell him just to drive his car at one point, and later, I made the observation that it was a little early in the day for him to be driving drunk.  I finally managed to lose him in traffic, without driving like a maniac.  But I suppose I should be a little more judicious about honking at drunks with the top down.  It certainly makes that concealed carry permit a little more attractive.   I just hope he’s not part of my daily commute.

I checked today and found out that UNF offers the GRE exam 5 days a week, twice a day, for $140.00.  So scheduling the exam won’t be a hindrance.  I need to get a study guide and see if I have any hope of re-learning … or learning … enough math to make a decent score to get into the program.  Then it’s just a matter of finding the money to pay for the courses.   But I really think I want to do this. 

Rode the bike 18 miles this morning.  Then pretty much overate all day.  Oh Well.



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