Almost to California

I’ve ridden now … mostly up and down Ponte Vedra Boulevard and Seminole road … 2111 miles.  On Google Maps, that’s beyond Phoenix, AZ from here.  It says that to San Diego … and to the Pacific Ocean, is 2356 miles.   That leaves me just 235 miles to go before I’d have ridden all the way across the country … at which point I suppose I’ll turn around and start back.  I might be able to make that next 235 miles in about 4 weeks. 

It was a pretty dreary Labor Day weekend.  I’m hoping to get the boat off the rack next weekend for a while.  But as we come to the statistical peak of hurricane season, every day that goes by that we’re not threatened by a tropical storm is a good day.  I’m hoping that we’ll have some decent weather even as the storm season peaks.  So far, we’ve been extremely lucky.  Two major storms that have both gone far south … Mexico and Central America.  With any luck, those steering currents will remain in effect.

We went to Fresh Market today, and they had the veal shanks I needed for Osso Buco.  I’ll be looking up a recipie as soon as I finish here.  It’s one of my favorite things to order out, so I’m anxious to see how I do making it.

Anyway, it’s back to work tomorrow.  I hope to get out and take more pictures soon.  I see Flikr is one of the widgets available for this blog, so I may start keeping things there rather than Shutterfly just to keep it easier.  Though the web is a wonderful thing … and the links pretty much work from anywhere. 



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