Lazy Sunday

Cloudy and drear and humid … I should have been out on the bike today, and just could not find the motivation.  I still could, I suppose, before we go to dinner at John’s tonight, but I’m not sure the motivation is there.  I’ll hit tomorrow morning, a holiday, for a nice long ride.  Longer than my usual Monday effort.

A week before the start of football season, and the sports “intelligentsia” in Jacksonville is all atwitter about Byron Leftwich being released.  Byron never really performed up to expectations … and was cocky about it to boot.  He we pretty unceremoniously dumped by the team, which may be something of a comeuppance to him.  Looks like he’ll not be drawing that huge salary for a while, unless another team picks him up as a backup.  While it’s sad when anyone loses their job, it just seemed like Byron had a sense of entitlement to the starting position, and never really worked hard enough to justify it.

Now, I don’t know him, never met him.  I did see him and his posse at 11 South one evening when we were there for dinner.  So that is very much an outsiders opinion looking in.  Here’s hoping David Gerard can make this team successful this year.  I say that not so much as someone who’s a huge football fan, but for the city.  Jacksonville needs a winning season, a name for the stadium, so many things tied to the team.  I’m not saying the economy would collapse if the team moved out of town, which is possible, but it would certainly be a blow.  Other writers can cite statistics as to how much revenue the team generates on a per-game basis, but just in terms of morale, it would hurt pretty bad.

Not to mention the hit we’d take at the station should that lucrative parking deal fall through.  That’s a whole bunch of money every year.

Here at the beach, we’ll it’s pretty quiet in Lake-Woebegone-by-the-Sea.  Andie’s fighting a cold for the 3 day weekend, the weather is just kind of gloomy, and it’s a really good day to sit inside.  Not a good day for the boat or to go take pictures.  Too bad there’ s not football on today.  I’ve already solved the Sunday crossword from the T-U, and the puzzle in The Beaches Leader was lame this week.  I should read a book, or do more research on the GRE.  All I need is the motivation.



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