Learning to focus … again

So I’m learning to focus this new camera.  I adjusted the diopter on the viewfinder, but I’m not so sure it’s just right yet.  I need to take it out in the bright daylight and try to adjust it again. 

The beautiful thing about digital photography is that you can burn through 30 or 40 frames and not have wasted a ton of money of film.  It’s all just ones and zeros.  I did get a couple of nice pictures, though.  They’re on Shutterfly.

I don’t have a lot to say tonight.  I was hoping for better results from the camera right out of the box, but I’m sure it’s only doing exactly what I’m telling it to do.  I got it to try to be a better photographer.  I’m hoping that will happen eventually.  You have to have the right tools to do a good job.



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