Thank Goodness for My Mute Button

Commercials that annoy me … as I sit and watch the final quarter of a Steelers/Eagles pre-season game.

The Coors Light commercials where it’s the faux news conference.  The morons asking questions about Coors Light cut with actual answers from coaches’ news conferences.  It’s just stupid, but I do remember what the product is, so it’s effective if annoying. 

Then there’s the guy in the Direct TV football package offer that uses the snide, snarky voice and talks about getting a bikini wax.  He just annoys me.  And while I may remember the product, it certainly doesn’t induce me to buy either one.  Somebody probably finds them funny.  That person is not me.

Which brings me to the mute button.  I love my mute button.  Even though the commercials are not supposed to be louder than the programming, they are.  Don’t try to tell me they’re not, because they are.  So, when the program isn’t delayed so that I can just scan ahead and skip them entirely, I can at least mute them.  And note to commercial producers … produce more than one.  They get old fast, and I mean fast.  Or maybe I just watch too much TV.

But the Hillshire Farms “Go Meat” campaign … makes me laugh every time. 

I can’t help every time I push my mute button to think about my grandfather on my dad’s side who, long before the days of wireless remotes, opened up the TV and wired a simple toggle switch into the audio circuit of the set.  He mounted the switch in a piece of wood about 4″ around, meticulously finished, because that’s what he did, and had a mute switch for the commercials back in the ’60’s.  I can still remember us sitting at their house and chorusing “Turn it on, Pat” when the program came back on.  I unfortunately didn’t inherit his ability for such things … but then, things are much more complicated now.  And I can open up a computer and change out a hard drive or other components, but they make those things so that it’s pretty easy.  As far as I know, he came up with that on his own.

11:00.  Time to go make lunch for tomorrow and think about getting to bed.  I’ll be on the bike at 6:20 in the morning.



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