Just Build One!!

Just one.  They’re arguing about the overpass planned for Atlantic and Kernan again … talking about something called a “Michigan U-Turn” instead of an overpass.  The theory is, you go past the intersection, turn left and across ALL the lanes of traffic to get into what is then the far right lane … then turn right instead of left. 

Anyone who’s been through that intersection more than once in the past year knows that’s what they do now, at least turning left onto Kernan from eastbound Atlantic.  If the amount of traffic on Atlantic doesn’t warrant an overpass, I don’t know where would.  And to those who say it will hurt their businesses … IT’S A SUPER WAL~MART FORCRYINOUTLOUD !!!  People who want to get in there will get in.  The people who want to go the the other stores in there will find a way to get in.  Here’s a news flash, I’m not alone in avoiding going in there NOW because it’s nearly impossible to get out of the place at rush hour.  The only time to get into the Wal~Mart is after about 10:00.  And I pay more for gas because I don’t want to fight the traffic to get out of that place.  Just build the overpass.  Build ONE overpass called for in The Better Jacksonville Plan, and don’t let a few vocal objectors make it less convenient for the rest of us who go through there twice a day 250 or more days a year.


And while I’m at it, who said it was cool to force your way through a left turn through traffic to get into Wal~Mart.  Use the turn lane on Kernan.  I don’t care that you might have to wait through another cycle or two of the light.  That’s why it’s there.  There’s no such thing as a Wal~Mart emergency that you have to stop three lanes of traffic because you think it’s your god-given right to get into Wal~Mart.  I’ll NEVER stop to let you go across eastbound Kernan.  It’s just not going to happen.  I’m sorry, but I’m not.  And if I’m behind you, and you do it, I’m going to honk. 

Sorry, traffic rant completed.



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