Enough Money to Buy One

I finally spent some time on the boat today.  It was good to be out on the water, as always.  Someone told me that it was an ancient greek who said “time spent on the water is not deducted from man’s alloted span”.  Words I can live by.

But it’s disconcerting that all it takes to be a boat captain is enough money to buy the boat.  I’d be one of those that would be in favor of some kind of licensing procedure for boats.  I’d go take the test, even though I’ve been around some kind of boat for 46 years.  I distinctly recall my grandfather letting me drive his pontoon boat on Kenray Lake when I was 4.  I couldn’t see over the binacle, but standing to the side, I could reach up to the faux ships wheel with spokes and everything, hearing him tell me to stay to the center of the channel.  Now, the “channel” at Kenray lake pretty much went bank to bank, at least where we were on the lake.  But that’s another post.

I’d anchored just outside the channel at the south enterance of the ICW from the St Johns River.  I’d tried the ocean, but it was a little too rough.  I fished the jetties for a little while, and caught a little rock bass and another fish I didn’t recognize, not a pound if you totaled them together.  So I decided to try the ICW.

The good news is, the Coast Guard and Fish and  Wildlife were both active today, because I saw no fewer than 5 morons blasting through the slow speed zone, two or which got caught.  A pair of jetskiers, a fishing boat, and two cruisers that I can remember.  And there were probably more.  There were a lot of wakes for a slow speed zone, which is clearly marked.  But again, all it takes to be a boat captain is enough money to buy the boat.  IMHO, that should change.

But it was a beautiful day to be anchored in the ICW, even if the fishing was much better than the catching.  Other than the two little fish I mentioned earlier, I caught one little whiting and a blue crab.  He was trying to eat my bait shrimp right off the hook, and didn’t let go until after I’d pulled him up out of the water.  Crabs alway look so indignant ….

Meanwhile, a manatee was working the grass over by the shore, and about a dozen dolphin were trying to make more dolphin.  Again, the boat morons kept trying to get a better look at the procreating dolphin. 

The boat got a good cleaning, and a wax job after I got back.  About halfway through waxing the, I wondered “Where is Pat Morida when you need him?  Wax on … wax off”.

Back to work tomorrow, with a bit of a sunburn.



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