Leftovers Lasagna

What to do with a bunch of leftovers.  Well, tonight I had a big-ass idea to make lasagna out of two different kinds of leftover roast.  It actually didn’t turn out to badly.  Pot roast on the bottom, next layer rosmary pork roast.  Non-traditional, but pretty good.  Next time, I’ll just make it with ground beef and sausage.  Come to think of it, if I’d have put the roasts in the food processor and minced them up … it probably would have turned out better.  Note to self …

 I wish my camera would come.  I know, I just ordered it yesterday, and it’s coming via Fed-Ups.  Slowest way possible.  I doubt it will get here by the weekend, but I’m anxious to see which of the lenses I already have will fit it, and take some pictures.  I’d always enjoyed it, and hope I can get back into it with this new hardware.  Never any film to develop.

But I used to know how.  We used to have all the processing equipment.  Dad had an enlarger that was mouldering in the attic, so I took it to set up at a friends house.  We did everything from actually developing the film, push processing, yada-yada-yada to making black and white enlargements.  I took some interesting photos back in the day.  I’m hoping I can re-capture some of the fun I used to have when I’d get a photo pass and get out of school.   Good times.

I guess I’m still, at nearly 50, trying to find my Leo-driven creative voice.  I can’t dicipline myself to practice the guitar enough to be anything but just a guy who plays guitar.  I love to cook, but I’m kind of limited in what I know.  I should get some new recipies and try some new flavor combinations.  But Andie’s kind of a fussy eater, and so I’m concerned about trying too many exotic things.  Not to mention that I’m not the kind of person who likes fruit and meat together.  My sauces are coming along, but really basic.  Not too good on the reductions and that kind of thing just yet.  All my friends say I’m way better than I think I am.

I’d love to try acting again.  I LOVED improv, and damn Sean for his impertinence.  But it was probably time for me to take a break from that anyway.  I auditioned at Players by the Sea, but didn’t get cast and the didn’t call for any backstage thing.  I need to go to their website and see what’s coming up.  I’ll go back and read again to see if I can get cast in something.

So maybe it’ll be photography.  I’ve tried so many things, but sometimes I’m such a damn perfectionist and so competitive that I start thinking that if I can’t be the best, I want to move on.  Oh well, the camera was my birthday present to myself, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.



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